Tessa nutrition coach Obese TV-show

In February 2014 Tessa started working for the TV-show Obese. Seven candidates are followed in their journey to loose weight for 300 days. They are supported by a mental coach, get personal training twice a day and get weekly meal plans. 

Tessa: “The kick of meeting at Eyeworks headquarters was a great start. A team of enthusiastic coaches and trainers was formed and couldn’t wait to get started. On the contrary we also realized ourselves that this isn’t an easy journey. Each candidate has a long way to go, until he/she will reach the ultimate goal. 

It’s my responsibility to create weekly meal plans for the candidates, to help them with shopping and preparing the recipes. You will see some nice breakthrough this season. An example: on of the candidates tells me that she only likes to eat 3 types of vegetables. Because she has never eaten a broccoli and avocado, she assumes that she doesn’t like the taste. When I created a nice combination with those two ingredients, she loves it! By creating recipes with only five ingredients, I let the candidates adjust to the taste of Real Food. I am really enjoying teaching them the tips and tricks of a healthy lifestyle.”

Six episodes will be taped up until January 2015. The first episode will air in April 2015 on RTL 4.

Host: Wendy van Dijk
Head trainer: Radmilo Soda
Mental coach: Hilde Jans
Nutrition: Tessa van der Steen