Cosmetic acupuncture: better than botox!

It is a trend  amongst celebrity fans as a natural alternative to Botox and it is called cosmetic acupuncture. Gwyneth Paltrow, Madeleine West, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie all have shared pictures on their social media. Rather than filling your skin with chemical injections, your face will instead be covered with fine acupuncture needles that create an instant lift and over time, can erase fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also great for helping with acne and other skin conditions. Already had Botox or fillers? No worries! Cosmetic acupuncture can work around the beauty treatments you’ve already had, bringing out your natural beauty.

What is Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Facial cosmetic acupuncture (FCA) is a facial rejuvenation treatment using the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) via the placement of needles into the skin, corresponding with particular meridians to release Qi. Qi is the energy that circulates throughout the body within a series of pathways called meridians. The body's natural energy flow is a unique state of homeostasis where nourishment, support and energy are delivered to every cell, tissue, muscle and organ. 

The benefits of FCA
According to TCM, a constitutional imbalance and fundamental weakness of Qi causes wrinkles.  FCA aims to improve muscle tone of the face and neck while simultaneously addressing underlying imbalances that are contributing to the ageing process. The needles are placed specifically on the face and neck for beautifying enhancements.

Facial acupuncture is anti-ageing. It tightens pores, relaxes the muscles of the face, and boosts collagen thereby reducing wrinkles. It also increases circulation and boosts elastin to firm and tone the face by strengthening and stimulating the body's energy circulation. FCA promotes detoxification to leave you with a clearer, more even complexion. Through a succession of treatments, you will look and feel more energetic, vibrant and healthy.

What to expect with FCA
During an FCA session, you can expect needles to be inserted in the face, a guasha facial massage followed by facial cupping. Depending on your skin goals, know that FCA works gradually. In about 1-5 treatments you will notice that the skin is beginning to tighten and has a natural glow. After about 5-7 treatments, fine lines and wrinkles “fill in” and with 12 sessions you will notice a distinct change via toning and lifting of the facial muscles. FCA sessions lasts about 50 minutes and leave you feeling rejuvenated and lifted. As treatments are patient-specific please note that treatments vary. On the day of your appointment, please arrive make up free and be sun-conscious after the session. And as always, HYDRATE.

Botox serves its own purpose medically, but as for cosmetic options, there is a more natural way! Cosmetic Botox needs to be repeated about 4x/year as it’s a Band-Aid to the reason you are getting wrinkles. They will return. With FCA we’re redirecting your personal Qi to the forgotten areas of your face, thus allowing you to make all your favorite facial expressions. For a more in depth read on FCA vs Botox check out this fabulous read, Cosmetic Acupuncture as an alternative to Botox® Injections by fellow acupuncturist Michelle Gellis.

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